Strategy and practices make difference

Your strategies should make your brand strong, different, original and dynamic. Along with the ever-changing and advancing technology, many other variables such as movements in the economic environment, political and legal processes and socio-cultural factors make it necessary for strategies to be updatable, adaptable and improvable. Strategies should have stability and be dynamic to clarify your roadmap and facilitate your perspective instead of merely being an immutable set of rules. Your brand should be as agile as change itself, and your strategies should support this agility and most importantly, they need to be applicable.

There is no need to be pessimistic in a world where sometimes even the smallest of smiles can make a difference. All we need to do is respect the environment, not give up on having passion and depth, and be patient. Basically, we just need to do what we know, what is in our core. We can make this world a better place only if we can do what we know. Perhaps, we have yet to develop the most successful strategies, to see the best practices, and to hear the best words to be uttered.

Integrated Marketing Communications Management

  • Marketing: What is it, what is it not?
  • Strategic marketing (business=strategy=marketing)
  • Business model and marketing relationship
  • Creating value
  • Managing the research and analysis stages
    • Who and where is the target audience?
    • Brand and marketing relationship
    • What is brand identity? How is it created?
  • Brand positioning, brand essence, values, brand promise, name, logo, registration
  • What is brand strategy?
  • Communication and communicating
  • Communication and customer relationships
  • Communication and media relationships
  • Publicity and recognition
  • Manage your reputation
  • How are marketing strategies developed?
  • Relationship between brand identity, corporate identity and corporate culture
  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing budget
  • Implementation
  • Measure: you cannot manage something that you cannot measure