Manage your reputation; your reputation cannot be imitated

Reputation is about values and is also closely related to sustainability. Nowadays, when we talk about brand value, we talk about an intangible asset. Your reputation is your brand’s raw material, it is your most valuable asset; it carries you into the future. This is why reputation indices exist, and why the results of reputation assessments are becoming more influential in company acquisitions. Your financial values reflect your present; your reputation, on the other hand, reflects your future. Today’s customers take into consideration and question brands’ consistencies, stakeholder cooperation, supplier relationships, the value they give to their employees, their social awareness, and even their main strategies. They want to feel the difference and the value you offer; they want to step in and be involved. For consumers, the act of buying is now like an investment decision. They do not want to communicate, or be involved with businesses and brands which are not reputable, which they do not respect, which harm the environment, use child labor, exploit their employees, produce toxic materials etc. They prefer brands that they respect, that create value, and that will contribute to their own reputations.

Integrated Marketing Communications Management

  • Marketing: What is it, what is it not?
  • Strategic marketing (business=strategy=marketing)
  • Business model and marketing relationship
  • Creating value
  • Managing the research and analysis stages
    • Who and where is the target audience?
    • Brand and marketing relationship
    • What is brand identity? How is it created?
  • Brand positioning, brand essence, values, brand promise, name, logo, registration
  • What is brand strategy?
  • Communication and communicating
  • Communication and customer relationships
  • Communication and media relationships
  • Publicity and recognition
  • Manage your reputation
  • How are marketing strategies developed?
  • Relationship between brand identity, corporate identity and corporate culture
  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing budget
  • Implementation
  • Measure: you cannot manage something that you cannot measure