Ideas never end; just think

The people who run establishments and brands are now aware that the sustainability of their performance is dependent on the sustainability of our world’s resources. It is not possible for a business that does not create value for its employees, shareholders, customers, the society and all its other stakeholders to exist neither today, nor in the future. Difference happens when you project this mentality of holistic sustainability to all your business processes, and develop your own culture and values while integrating them into your brand’s spirit in an original way. You can be a brand with 450 branches in 5 different parts of the world, or you can be a brand with two branches in just one city; what matters is that you focus on creating an original value. To achieve sustainable differentiation, discover your essence, develop and apply sustainable processes. Some people may try to make you believe that there are no more new ideas. Ignore them; there are always new ideas to be found; you just think.

Integrated Marketing Communications Management

  • Marketing: What is it, what is it not?
  • Strategic marketing (business=strategy=marketing)
  • Business model and marketing relationship
  • Creating value
  • Managing the research and analysis stages
    • Who and where is the target audience?
    • Brand and marketing relationship
    • What is brand identity? How is it created?
  • Brand positioning, brand essence, values, brand promise, name, logo, registration
  • What is brand strategy?
  • Communication and communicating
  • Communication and customer relationships
  • Communication and media relationships
  • Publicity and recognition
  • Manage your reputation
  • How are marketing strategies developed?
  • Relationship between brand identity, corporate identity and corporate culture
  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing budget
  • Implementation
  • Measure: you cannot manage something that you cannot measure