Be friends with your customers and stakeholders

The real owner of a brand is not the company that creates it; the real owners are the customers that give a place to that brand in their minds and hearts. Your story, your strategies, your words, your tone, your stance should be genuine, sincere and consistent. Customers consider the suggestions that are made in a sincere manner, while they no longer stand insincerity and pressures. Be sincere with your customers, become their friends. Similarly, your stakeholders directly contribute to the quality and reputation of your business on the path leading to your customers. Your suppliers, points of sale, distributors, all the businesses and establishments that provide service to you are your business partners. Make a difference in your business processes by creating value through stakeholders and suppliers with vision. Brands that develop long term business processes, that support their suppliers and find solutions when they have difficulties, that think on their behalf and act in accordance with them are aware that they can only develop their brands and create sustainable systems through appropriate collaborations and partnerships.

Integrated Marketing Communications Management

  • Marketing: What is it, what is it not?
  • Strategic marketing (business=strategy=marketing)
  • Business model and marketing relationship
  • Creating value
  • Managing the research and analysis stages
    • Who and where is the target audience?
    • Brand and marketing relationship
    • What is brand identity? How is it created?
  • Brand positioning, brand essence, values, brand promise, name, logo, registration
  • What is brand strategy?
  • Communication and communicating
  • Communication and customer relationships
  • Communication and media relationships
  • Publicity and recognition
  • Manage your reputation
  • How are marketing strategies developed?
  • Relationship between brand identity, corporate identity and corporate culture
  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing budget
  • Implementation
  • Measure: you cannot manage something that you cannot measure